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Click On Video Below For Your Discounted First Time Phone Reading.

Information On Phone Sessions-

Is a phone session just as accurate as an in-person session? Yes absolutely! Here's why...By rearanging your day, perhaps even rushing around to make your appointment, plus bringing in other people's energies from public places into your session can cause interferences in the messages you need to hear. However, by being in the comfort of your own home or familiar surroundings your energies will be more relaxed therefore Sara is able to pick up more details.

All you need to do is provide your picture, your first name and date of birth and Sara will take it from there. She will give you a reading without you having to say a word! FaceTime sessions are also available. 

Payment is made by sending you an invoice to your email address through Stripe or PayPal. Both Stripe & PayPal offer option to pay with credit card.

There are no risk involved, payment is made through a safe and secured site called PayPal.

If you feel we did not make a connection with in first portion of your reading then money will be refunded.

Make sure you watch the video above to hear about Sara’s special offer for your first time phone session.

Psychic Love Advice Readings by Phone. Click on the "Click Here Now" Button above to schedule your appointment.

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