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Know The 3 Signs Wealth is Coming

Are you interested in the Law of Attraction? Then you are probably enthusiastic about Manifestation Magic. Manifesting more money into your life. The desire to manifest an abundance of wealth is such a common thing among people. However many are tripped up by their attention to lack what they don’t have.

This focus on worry and fear of not having enough money, only attracts more of the same! What you want to do is learn how to change the way you think to a prosperous mindset. The one that is tuned in vibrationally to a steady stream of glorious income. When you do that deliberately you will start to notice feedback from the universe. Little ways in which the cosmos speaks to you, showing you that you are on the right path to abundance.

To live in a state of positive expectation, means practicing the kind of mindset that reaffirms positive thinking. You might need to take some time to change your habitual thoughts and identify where you perhaps tend to reaffirm lack and scarcity without even realizing it. Many people have grown up thinking that

  1. You have to work your fingers to the bone before you can obtain great wealth.

  2. Desiring money is bad, selfish and greedy. Money is the root of all evil etc.

The fact is that with the Law of Attraction, you do not have to work yourself into the ground to receive riches. The universe deals in vibrations, the energy that you are personally fuelling your actions, thoughts and words with, not your blood, sweat and tears.

Of course hard work is great, but only if you are passionate, inspired and moving through your day-to-day tasks with a sense of excitement and expectation for positive results. If you are working hard but you feel miserable, resentful and cannot help but notice you are still broke the whole time. Well you’re not ever going to move into a rich mindset that promotes the flow of money. You have to move away from that habit that keeps you justifying why you don’t have the income you want, and think beyond it.

A desire for money is no bad thing! Remind yourself of this and allow yourself to feel worthy of the things that money can buy. Freedom, travel, more time, helping others, new fun experiences. It is important to remember that money is not evil. Money is part of life and wanting it does not make you a bad person or any less spiritual. When your desires come from a pure place of positivity, anything is possible.

Our lives are the sum of a consistent way of thought. You ask for what you want out of your own unique experiences. You have to tap into what you want. The following nine signs are indications that wealth is coming your way. When you have consistently been aligning your thoughts and actions with the feeling of being rich and manifesting money, you will start to see these signs more frequently.

  1. Finding money. If you start to find coins or small amounts of money in unlikely places, maybe it’s in the street as you are walking or in the park, it is a sign of wealth to come. If this is happening to you consistently, no matter how small the amount, it’s like a lucky symbol of abundance on its way.

Everytime it happens, feel gratitude for the amount and keep it. It’s a nice idea to store all the coins you find in a special jar, as a reminder to thank the Universe for the abundance of wealth that is coming to you soon.

  1. Pay attention to your dreams. When you have dreams that symbolize wealth coming your way, it can often be in the form of a child. That doesn’t mean you are manifesting a baby necessarily! It serves as a symbol of new birth, a baby arriving in dream language, means riches around the corner. A new phase of life.

  2. You begin to make small wins, like in raffles, at bingo or playing the lottery. Perhaps it’s just a fairly insignificant amount, but the sign from the universe is very significant! Your excitement at winning even just a dollar will transmit positive energy and high vibrations into the universe, drawing back to you more winning experiences.

If you are noticing these signs on a regular basis, congratulations! You are changing your reality with your thoughts, using the Law of Attraction. The universe is eager and excited to communicate back to you evidence of your alignment and wealth is on its way.

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