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Is Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 For Mac ((FULL))

Did you know that rollercoasters were originally invented, in their American form at least, as an attempt to rid the country of sin? Apparently LaMarcus Thompson, the "Father of the American Rollercoaster", was so sick of the disgraceful antics of his fellow citizens that he got to work building the Switchback Gravity Railway on Coney Island in an attempt to distract folk from their satanic ways. They were, in a way, (and yes, we're really stretching this) his flock, the amusement park his very own church. In Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition, you get the chance to replace Thompson, one hundred-and-one years after his death, as the high priest of all things theme park. You'll tend to your congregation of sinful peeps, purifying their tainted souls by having them puke $3 hotdogs through their noses while being shot through a loop at 149mph and praying for their lives as they dangle upside down on the broken Rolling Thunder you forgot to assign an engineer to. What glorious work you're doing.

Is Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 For Mac

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The aim of the game here is a simple one: create amusement parks that please visiting hordes of peeps and make you a ton of sweet moolah so you can keep expanding, adding facilities and building monstrous rollercoasters that strike a balance between being terrifying enough to thrill but not so dangerous that punters end up covered in their lunch or buried headfirst in the surrounding terrain. There's a generous career mode included, with the base game providing eighteen themed scenarios for you to undertake, from creating and maintaining a good old-fashioned American theme park to building wild rides all over Area 51.

This isn't just a rollercoaster design kit, although there is that too, but an entire theme park ecosystem creator. The campaign mode teaches the basics and gives a wide range of goals and challenges for park building and management. The sandbox modes let you pick any setting and go crazy. Then, there are the standalone creation tools that let users make dream coasters, buildings, even people that they can import into their parks.

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