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The Sims 4 Update V1.36.104.1020 Version Download

The Sims 4 Update V1.36.104.1020 Version Download

The Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game that allows players to create and control virtual characters, build their own homes, and explore various worlds. The game is constantly updated with new features, content, and bug fixes to improve the gameplay experience and keep the players engaged.

One of the latest updates for The Sims 4 is the version V1.36.104.1020, which was released on November 1st, 2022 for PC and Mac users, and on November 22nd, 2022 for console users . This update was mainly focused on fixing certain bugs and issues that were reported by the players, as well as preparing the game for the upcoming release of the Pastel Pop Kit.

The Sims 4 Update V1.36.104.1020 Version Download


Some of the bug fixes included in this update are:

  • Sims will run while performing a Go Here interaction if the distance is long enough, unless they are lazy or have a buff that would prevent running. Sims should also run from fires.

  • Chest deformations should once again expand correctly on female Sims with masculine frames.

  • Change Phone Color after queuing should no longer re-queue in the action queue after traveling, or saving and reloading the game.

  • Completed goals as part of the New in Town scenario will now disappear on completing the goal, rather than waiting for a time out delay.

  • Completing the aspiration goal of Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend before the Soulmate and Serial Romantic aspiration goals are active, will now complete the goal appropriately.

  • Pressing RT/R2 or LT/L2 while in the Likes & Dislikes options in Create a Sim will no longer close the interface, and change the controller focus to a hidden interface.

  • Newly transformed werewolves will now transform with appropriate varieties in their occult form fur patterns, rather than just going with the all black all the time look.

To download this update, players need to open their Origin program and if the game doesnt update automatically, right click on The Sims 4 and select Update. If they play on Xbox and Playstation, they should Check the Game for Updates in case Automatic Updates are off. Players should also be aware that this update will automatically disable any Mods or Custom Content they have installed, and they need to re-enable them manually in the game settings after launching The Sims 4.

This update is expected to improve the performance and stability of The Sims 4, as well as prepare it for the upcoming release of the Pastel Pop Kit, which is a collaboration between The Sims team and Plumbella, a popular Simmer and content creator. The Pastel Pop Kit will add new clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and furniture items that are inspired by Plumbella's style and personality. The Pastel Pop Kit will be available for purchase on November 16th, 2022.

The Sims 4 is one of the most successful games in the franchise, with over 36 million players worldwide as of June 2021. The game has received many expansions, game packs, stuff packs, and kits that add new gameplay features, themes, and content to the base game. The game is also supported by a vibrant community of creators and fans who share their creations, stories, tips, and feedback online.

The Sims 4 Update V1.36.104.1020 Version Download is a minor but important update that fixes some bugs and issues that were affecting the gameplay experience of some players. It also prepares the game for the upcoming release of the Pastel Pop Kit, which is a collaboration between The Sims team and Plumbella. Players who want to enjoy this update and kit should make sure they have their game updated to the latest version.

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