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Art Lingerie is a site with a name that really speaks for itself - a site that makes softcore erotica artful! Its cast is not just a bunch of girls chosen to perform for it because they said they wanted to - its cast consists of incredibly beautiful ladies only - heavenly faces, majestic curves, long legs in nylon stockings highlighted by high heels, all that...

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The subject is Founders' Day and, by implication, foundations. Thinking about foundations led me to think about ladies' foundations, which as you may know refers to lingerie--but lingerie of substance--girdles, brassieres, that sort of thing. A few years ago I met a man who had made his fortune in ladies' foundations, after the war when nylon and rubber were again readily available. I visited his house in the north of England, where he had built an entire golf course for his pleasure. He was in his eighties at this point and no longer golfed, but many people were still employed to keep the greens green. In his old age he felt the cold, and his house was kept so warm that it felt like a hothouse. There he sat, watching the occasional sweaty visitor watching his golf course. This reminded me of what the esteemed literary critic George Steiner said to last year's graduating class, that the making of money is the saddest ambition on this Earth.

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The ARRL Letter offers a weekly summary of essential news of interest to active amateurs that is available in advance of publication in QST, our official journal. The ARRL Letter strives to be timely, accurate, concise and readable.

Best of luck with the strings-seems to me you like trying new ones to see how can it possibly improve your instrument. Strictly speaking about that issue, nylon strings tend to be less tense and easier on the left hand than "modern" core strings. They also feel quite differently under the bow. In your particular case, even though I assume you've used Dominants (a $500.00 box strings should have Dominants stashed there somewhere), they are (quite probably intentionally) edgier than many other current nylon options-this by itself is not good or bad, but definitely something involving personal and instrument preference. You seem to prefer darker sounding strings, thus your sudden like of your current set.

Pirastro has two interesting options that are not as popular nowadays-nylon Synoxa, and polyester Aricore. The latter, according to other people's experiences, can sound intentionally dark, which, if you hate a "harsh" tone may also be quite up your alley. The Synoxa are an amazing set, worthy of replacing Dominants, as they have a rather bright, but rich character-very open and brilliant sounding- without the initial metallic edge some people dislike on Dominants. Very beautiful tone, without a hint of dullness (clear, not shrill). Both of these should be easy to play, and in the case of Synoxa-the ones I've tried-reasonably powerful.

(Obligatos, by nature of their "modern" core, sound pretty good, warm, and loud. I don't find them "edgeless", but they are certainly not the brightest. A possible drawback is, however, that tension is slightly higher than nylon, respond well but require a bit more bow pressure, and for some people don't last as long. I like their sound, but to me they are not "Eudoxa-like"-just warm/full sounding... not saying that something like Aricore is "better", but since you seem to like darker sounding strings, I thought this note would be relevant.)

April 15, 2015 at 09:00 PM Given such cost information, I can only wonder about honest remarks made on forums. I'm sure that people with expensive violins generally live in an entirely different world of music justified by talent, education, etc. And conversations at the amateur level might be confusing.

April 16, 2015 at 02:59 AM Those cents lower are nothing. Unless tuning is problematic, just think of the many professionals living and deceased who use/d gut strings. While the modern cores are more stable, the fact is that nylon core strings are rock-solid stability-wise, even when you have to retune them every once in a while.

I mostly wanted to say that, since Pro Arte are nylon core (like Dominants, Synoxa, etc.), she should not worry as much by the relative "instability" they are currently experiencing, as in waking up to find the violin slightly lower in tune. Compared to gut strings, that is nothing, as nylon is quite insensitive to climate changes and very, very stable compared to even Passiones. I know that my Synoxa strings can some mornings/evenings be slightly out of tune (which is rare with modern strings) but it's so easy just to tune them back to pitch (and them remaining in tune for the whole session) that it's quite a minor factor.

In other words, "modern" core is more stable than nylon, but nylon (perlon, etc.) is super stable compared to gut. And even gut, as you stated, you just adapt to the way they may misbehave (though I mostly prefer when they stay in tune when fully stretched, which many do IME.) But all this said, Ms. Roth would find gut too "unstable" to use, given her current preferences-maybe these Pro Arte are perfect for her right now, while she finds a better, more suitable instrument. 041b061a72

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